Whatsapp Status video – WhatsApp is known as world’s most popular Instant Messaging app. The app was first launched as a standalone IM app. The app was acquired by Facebook in the year 2014. Since then the app gets plenty of updates with new set of features. Today, the app has become a part of every individual’s life. WhatsApp has recently introduced its new feature called, WhatsApp Video Status. This feature lets you update a short video as Status. Your friends and other people can see this status while they explore the Status section from their devices. Here, we have prepared a list of best WhatsApp Video Status for you.

WhatsApp was first allowing its users to update their status with limited letters under the profile. However, the app is now fully upgraded with a lot of new and highly advanced communication features. Just like Instagram, WhatsApp too now allows you to put a video status under your profile. You can simply upload a short video and can show it off to your friends. The Video Status has gained massive popularity and people have welcomed these features wholeheartedly.

How can I upload Video Status to my WhatsApp app?

Depending upon your current region and requirements, you can use WhatsApp Video Status on your profile. New updated WhatsApp app has now three sections in the main page- Chats, Status and Calls. Launch the WhatsApp app and swipe left to bring the Status section in the homepage. You could see My Status option with + sign there. Just click on to the + sign and you will be able to upload your own WhatsApp Video Status under your profile. The process is pretty simple, all it requires is a compatible video file.

Types of WhatsApp Video Status

There are many types of WhatsApp Video Status is available on the web world which you can use as your profile’s Status. Depending upon your mood, you can change the status. It actually conveys what you feel at this very moment. If you are sad, you can use the Sad song as the video status. The Status will keep on changing as per your mood. The status lasts for 24 hours, you have to change it in every 24 hours. Following are the types of WhatsApp Video Statuses which you can use as per your current mood.

  • Love WhatsApp Video Status
  • Sad WhatsApp Video Status
  • Shayari WhatsApp Video Status
  • Animated WhatsApp Video Status
  • Funny WhatsApp Video Status
  • 30 Sec WhatsApp Video Status
  • Attitude WhatsApp Video Status

Besides this, you can also use short stories, English Pop Videos and other funny videos as your WhatsApp Video status. The Status is pretty impressive and conveys the right messages to your loved ones. Fortunately, you can even download WhatsApp Video Status easily right from your device. There are so many apps available which lets you download the WhatsApp Video Statuses of your friends easily.


WhatsApp Video Status feature is used by millions of users around the world. They just love to use different types of Videos to let their friends know how they feel right now. The video status stays there in your profile for 24 hours, so you can use a new video every 24 hours.